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Focus Areas

While climate change is a global phenomenon, its negative impacts are more severely felt by poor people and poor countries — reducing poverty and fighting climate change therefore go hand-in-hand.

  • Adapting to climate change

    Adaptation to climate change is a priority for ensuring the long-term effectiveness of investments in poverty eradication and sustainable development. Indeed, responding to the threat of climate change will require concerted adaptation action on an unprecedented scale.more 

  • Mitigation: Towards a sustainable future

    Climate change demands that we grow our economies in a different way. It dramatically increases the level of uncertainty and requires new decision-making methods to cope with it. Our climate will change over the long-term, but decision-makers still need to make investment decisions today. more 

  • Capacity Development and the UNFCCC process

    The capacity of developing countries to engage a variety of government, private sector and civil society stakeholders to garner support will be an important determinant of their level of engagement in international negotiations under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. more 

  • Integrating climate change into development

    Successful climate change management calls for a new development paradigm that integrates climate change into strategies and plans, and that links policy setting with the financing of solutions. more 

  • Sub-national initiatives

    Sub-national authorities have a key role to play in actively incorporating climate change considerations in day-to-day business and introducing climate-friendly policies, regulations and investment decisions, as a direct outreach to the public. more 

  • Gender and Climate Change

    Climate change threatens to erode human freedoms and limit choice, and gender inequality intersects with climate risks and vulnerabilities. Women play an important role in supporting households and communities to mitigate and adapt to climate change. more 

  • Climate Change and Poverty

    We help developing countries to put in place what people need for a decent life because reducing poverty and fighting climate change go hand-in-hand.more