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CDM Opportunities and Challenges in Tanzania

Tanzania Country Overview | UNDP's Capacity Development in Tanzania

Given the importance of sustainable development in the CDM approval process, the table below gives various sectors and the appropriate technologies available that can be developed under CDM in Tanzania. Concerning technology eligibility, Tanzania gives some projects fast-track prioritization. Fast-track approval applies to small-scale renewable energy and energy-efficiency projects, where transaction costs might negatively affect project viability.

The Clean Development Mechanism Situation in Tanzania
Tanzania established its Designated National Authority (DNA) in 2004. The DNA is situated in the Division of Environment in the Vice President’s Office.

To date, there is one registered CDM project in Tanzania and two projects under validation. Tanzania has benefited from a number of programmes on CDM. Through the UNEP CD4CDM project, several training and awareness-raising activities were conducted, including developing a pipeline of CDM Project Idea Notes. The project provided legal and other inputs to the CDM regulatory framework. Tanzania is one 6 countries in East and Southern Africa benefiting from the regional CDM capacity building programme being executed by UNDP and UNEP Risoe Centre. The project will support PDD development, catalysis of a CDM project pipeline and further institutional and human capacity building.