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Regional CDM Capacity Building Projects

The regional capacity building projects target both public and private sectors and establish direct links to project development services (such as those provided by the MDG Carbon Facility). This linkage ensures that capacity development is not carried out in isolation — building on lessons learned from past capacity development work. To have a meaningful impact and a realistic delivery timeframe, the regional projects will extend over at least three years.

UNDP's strategy for involvement in carbon finance is a three-stage process of intervention and withdrawal:

  • Stage 1: establish efficient host-country procedures for CDM review and approval;
  • Stage 2: canvas carbon finance opportunities for key sectors / industries through a sustainable development lens; and,
  • Stage 3: offer project management services to industrial project developers to kick-start regional project pipelines, and exit when the market is developed.

Outcomes of the first concrete project of the UNDP-UNEP Partnership, and of the broader Nairobi Framework, are illustrated in the CDM Capacity Building Project for Sub-Saharan Africa.