Climate Change

Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time.  Receding forests, changing rainfall patterns and rising sea levels will exacerbate existing economic, political and humanitarian stresses and affect human development in all parts of the world.  As the leading global organization in the fight against poverty, with a presence in 177 countries and territories, UNDP is responding on the front lines of climate change – where it hits the world’s 2.6 billion poorest people the hardest. UNDP works with national, regional, and local planning bodies to help them respond effectively to climate change and promote low-emission, climate-resilient development.

UNDP support focuses on three areas: connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life; helping countries build more resilient societies; and strengthening the capacity of countries to access, manage and account for climate finance.

Our Stories


Communities adapt to extreme weather conditions in India

For people living in the floodplains of the Mahanadi river delta in the Indian state of Odisha, life is full of extremes. For six months of the year, from July to December, miles of paddy fields, roads and homes are flooded with water. But three months later, water is in short supply, affecting evermore


Farming communities in India improve soil fertility and earn higher income

High school drop-out Atula, a woman farmer from India’s northeastern state of Nagaland, is today an expert on improving crop cultivation and soil fertility, two subjects that come in handy as she works the small piece of land she has leased from a local landowner. For generations Atula’s family and more


Former farm hand becomes role model for climate adaptation

March Roun used to get by working odd jobs on farms owned by other people. Now she’s being held up as a role model for other farmers in how to adapt to the impacts of climate change. “I used to earn a living by labouring in the rice field for other people. It is an unstable job where you become joblmore


Breath of fresh air for Lugansk

20 Oct 2011

October 2011 - Opening ceremony for lighting of the flare, with Minister of Minister for Regional Development, Construction and Housing and local partners The municipality of Lugansk took an environmental hotspot - a landfill with over three million tons of waste - and turned it into an opportunitymore

Climate change: the Zambian story

05 Jan 2010

In Zambia, any change in climate can spell disaster. With a majority of Zambians depending on agriculture, even a slight change in temperature can affect crops like maize with catastrophic consequences for livelihoods.In the village of Lusitu, in the south of Zambia, the returns from farming have more

Croatia reduces its carbon footprint

05 Jun 2009

World Environment Day 2009 > Croatia reduces its carbon footprint(top) An old oil boiler.(bottom) A new heat exchanger connected on a district gas heating system.(Photos: UNDP)Croatia aims to lower its carbon footprint, save more than $1.3 billion and preserve the landscape that brings more thamore

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