UNDP Around the world

Strategic Themes

UNDP’s goal in the area of environment and energy is to strengthen national capacity to manage the environment in a sustainable manner to advance poverty reduction efforts. UNDP supports developing countries to mainstream environment and energy issues into development planning; mobilize finance for improved environmental management; address increasing threats from climate change; and build local capacity to better manage the environment and deliver services, especially water and energy.

  • Integrating Environment into Development

    Mainstreaming environment and sustainable development, including climate change, in national development planning and implementation is central to UNDP’s poverty reduction and MDG mission. UNDP works to strengthen the capacity of countries to integrate pro-poor environment issues into national, sectoral and sub-national development plans and budgets.  

  • Environmental Finance

    Environmental challenges are fundamentally development challenges, and a key response must include an integrated approach to environmental financing. UNDP helps developing countries catalyze investment into the green technologies, practices and enterprises that will make low-emission, climate-resilient environmentally sustainable development not only possible, but also economically attractive.  

  • Climate Change

    The impacts of climate change undermine development efforts and affect the poor in particular. UNDP is responding on the front lines of climate change by working with national, local, and regional planning bodies to help them respond effectively to climate change and promote low-emission, climate-resilient development. This is done through connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life; helping countries build more resilient societies; and strengthening the capacity of countries to access, manage and account for climate finance.  

  • Local Development

    Local action that reflects the demands, perspectives, and commitment of local actors is critical to sustainably managing the environment to reduce poverty and achieve the MDGs. UNDP’s work at the local level is guided by four main strategic priorities: to promote rights, access, and finance mechanisms; enhance environmental management and finance capacity; facilitate learning and knowledge-sharing; and to strengthen community voices in policy processes.