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Sector-Wide Activities: Case Studies

A core focus of MDG Carbon is on scaled-up carbon finance modalities. This includes directly supporting a number of PoAs, for example in Kenya (micro-scale hydropower), United Arab Emirates (solar power), and El Salvador (efficient cook stoves). Complementing this, UNDP has begun rolling out a series of PoA capacity building workshops most recently in Angola and Senegal. MDG Carbon is also performing technical studies for NAMAs using existing CDM building-blocks, for example a sustainable charcoal NAMA for Uganda, based on the standardised baseline for green charcoal.

Below are two case studies of recent MDG Carbon activities in support of scaled-up approaches.

Turbococina Efficient Cookstoves in El Salvador

UNDP, through the MDG Carbon, has been supporting a public-private-partnership to distribute Turbococina efficient stoves to schools and households. The Turbococina stove, which uses a patented technology designed in El Salvador, results in a 90% reduction in the need for firewood, and eliminates virtually all smoke emissions. For a typical household, this reduces the required firewood from 3.3 tonnes to 0.3 tonnes a year.
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KTDA PoA Small Hydropower in Kenya

The Gura Power Company Limited (GPCL) is owned by four tea factories in the Aberdare mountain region of Kenya, specifically the Iriaini, Chinga, Gathuthi and Gitugi tea factories (KTDA). GPCL is proposing to implement a run-of-river hydro power plant with an installed capacity of 5 MW located along Gura River that will generate and supply electricity to the tea factories and the regional electricity grid in the Othaya division, Nyeri District, Central Province about 220 km from Nairobi.
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