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Integrated Sustainable Rural Development: Renewable Energy Electrification and Rural Productivity Zones

This discussion paper provides stakeholders in beneficiary countries and donor organizations a holistic way of tackling rural energy access and rural poverty by setting up an integrated infrastructure for energy and income generation. The approach presented in the Discussion Paper combines renewable energy rural electrification around the concept of a ‘Rural Productivity Zone’ (RPZ), with the objective of tackling some of the challenges in improving access to energy while encouraging sustainable development and GHG mitigation.

The Discussion Paper can be downloaded here

Financing Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions – providing for support to receiving Governments


MDG Carbon has recently released a Discussion Paper for Governments and donors on the conceptualization, design, implementation and operationalization of NAMAs with a focus on rural electrification. The purpose of the paper is to elaborate further on the concept presented at the UNDP-WBI webinar ‘Engaging the Private Sector in Fast Start NAMAs’ on 9th April 2014, with a particular focus on the design and implementation of a potential funding mechanism between a donor or supporting Government and the implementing or receiving Government and the partners responsible for operationalizing the NAMA intervention.

The Discussion Paper can be downloaded here.

Standardized Baseline (SB) Guidance Note

MDG Carbon published a Guidance Note for SBs, primarily intended for Designated National Authorities, Coordinating and Managing Entities, and consultants involved with the development of SBs. The Note focuses on the current UNFCCC rules and regulations (Standards and Guidelines) with an emphasis on establishing a Quality Management System. The objective of this document is to make SBs comprehensible and easy to implement thus promoting its wider application across a broad range of relevant sectors.

The Guidance Note can be downloaded here in English and French.

Corporate Social Responsibility as an enabler of Green Growth and Climate Action

UNDP MDG Carbon has recently released a new Discussion Paper on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility as an enabler of Green Growth and Climate Action’ which looks at the role of UNDP and MDG Carbon in helping a host country to establish a CSR Agency, a CSR Strategy and a CSR Fund for sustainable development.

The discussion paper is intended primarily for policy makers, regulators, and implementing agencies to relook at the private sector initiatives under CSR as a driver for green growth and climate action as well to encourage the private sector and organizations interested in CSR to act with national / regional governments to align their CSR efforts with broader sustainable development goals.

The Discussion Paper can be downloaded here.

Regional Training on PoAs and Standardized Baselines, 2-3 September 2013 in Manila, Phillipines

MDG Carbon and the UNFCCC co-organized a PoA and Standardized Baseline training workshop for DNAs, CMEs and other market participants. The training gathered practitioners and decision makers from project development and verification bodies and DNAs from across Asia, the Pacific and Eastern Europe.
download the training report

Addis Ababa to Improve Solid Waste Management Practices

The overall project to close the landfill will also introduce better management practices of municipal solid waste in Addis Ababa. This includes modern technology, sorting facilities for recycling and collection of municipal solid waste and the opening of a new landfill site under best practice management standards.
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MDG Carbon Sustainable Charcoal NAMA Study

In Uganda, MDG Carbon developed a National Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) study for the sustainable charcoal sector. Uganda can integrate the NAMA with other UNDP-implemented projects – for example, the Global Environment Facility-financed projects in the charcoal sector – which will address barriers to the adoption of improved production technologies and sustainable land management practices. The NAMA modality can provide the essential holistic framework for the improvement of the complete value chain in the charcoal sector.
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MDG Carbon and UNDP's Regional Environment Project Africa

have supported the development of a Standardized Baseline Assessment Report for Rural Off-Grid Electrification in sub-Saharan Africa.
The objective of this report is to assist countries in sub-Saharan Africa, especially least developed countries, to improve their level of participation in the CDM, programmatic CDM, as well as next generation instruments by promoting the development of standardized baselines which simplify and streamline the project development process.
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