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CDM, carbon markets and beyond

The Clean Development Mechanism

The Clean Development Mechanism

Under the Kyoto Protocol, most developed countries have agreed to limit or reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases. To help reach these goals, there are a number of market-based mechanisms based on carbon trading. MDG Carbon supports Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI) projects which permit project-based carbon trading between countries and organisations.
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Carbon finance beyond the CDM

Carbon finance and the CDM are characterised by a rapidly changing and fast-evolving regulatory and market context. A typical evolution is from project-based to sector-based activities, and then to national and regional emission trading schemes. Each developing country can benefit from carbon finance in line with its national circumstances and objectives.
The second and third arms of MDG Carbon’s activities, scaled-up and sector-wide activities, and unaddressed sources and sinks, address these emerging areas.