Indonesia: Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative (SPO)


Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of palm oil, with a forecasted annual growth in production of 10%. Early 2013, exports from Indonesia hit a five-year high.

In 2012, the total plantation area for palm oil production in Indonesia was estimated to account for approximately 7.65 million hectares generating 22 million tons of palm oil. Indonesia aims to double its current palm oil production to 40 million tons by 2020. Estimates vary how much land this will require vary widely, ranging from 5-20 million additional hectares. This expansion threatens remaining tropical forest and peat land.

The need to balance growth and economic potential and maintaining healthy ecosystems and communities is fundamental to secure the future of both forests in Indonesia and improved livelihoods through economic growth.

The objective: Promoting sustainable palm oil by reducing deforestation and facilitating structural change in the palm oil sector

The Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative (SPO) is a major public private partnership that supports the sustainable production of palm oil while minimizing adverse social and environmental impacts. The project aims at promoting sustainable palm oil by reducing deforestation and providing support to a structural change in the sector. The five year programme is active from 2013 until 2018.

The programme aims to contribute to sustainable palm oil production through a focus on the following strategic areas:  

-Ensure palm oil stakeholders in Indonesia are well coordinated through National Palm Oil Platform
-Strengthen smallholders to improve sustainable livelihoods and agricultural practices
-Reduce deforestation
-Improve land tenure and mediation mechanisms
-Operationalize the national certification scheme to foster a sustainable palm oil sector

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