Ethiopia National Coffee Platform

Ethiopia, as Africa’s main exporter of coffee, is an important country for the international coffee community.  Ethiopia has a long standing tradition of coffee production. This is particularly relevant as the highest premium coffee Arabica originates from Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government has intervened to address price instability requiring since 2008 that all coffee in Ethiopia be traded within the future exchange (ECX). The adoption of an ECX market system, however, has not led to the sustainable development of the coffee sector. Smallholders are shifting away from traditional forest coffee production systems towards more immediately profitable zero-shade systems that can yield higher returns in the short term. This change may impact coffee quality and hence premiums and is degrading the natural assets of the coffee landscapes.

The Project Objective: Establish and operate the Ethiopia Coffee Platform

UNDP is assisting the Government of Ethiopia to establish a national coffee platform. The Platform is building on the existing National Coffee Plenary which meets once a year. The Ministry of Trade requested UNDP to evolve the Plenary into the National Platform, to meet quarterly and expand its agenda to include major issues related to sustainability and traceability.
The Platform will connect the key stakeholders – including international coffee buyers-, as well as the various on-ground initiatives supported by IDH coffee initiative, IFC and Tecnoserve to work on a systemic and coordinated approach to improve the Ethiopian coffee sector.

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