Ghana: Greening the sustainable cocoa supply chain

With 25 % of the world’s cocoa production, Ghana is the second largest producer and exporter of cocoa. The Ghana cocoa sector is of utmost strategic importance for the country. Cocoa production in Ghana has been adversely affected by increasing deforestation (85 % lost forests in 100 years) and unsustainable production practices. The creation of sustainable cocoa landscapes and supply chains are key for Ghana’s future.

The Projects objective: To address sustainability and deforestation in cocoa landscapes

This project supports innovative environmental approaches by building institutional knowledge and incentivizing farmers to adopt sustainable environmentally friendly production practices throughout cocoa growing communities.

The programme is strengthening the policies and institutions that affect cocoa landscapes, such as land and tree tenure rights, creating a pest and disease inspection programme, developing environmental management systems using GIS database and farmers’ passbook.

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