Our Latin American and the Caribbean Projects

Paraguay: Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Land Management into Production Practices in the Atlantic Forests Ecoregion

The goal of the project is to promote sustainable agricultural production practices and reduce deforestation and land degradation in the Atlantic Forest region while ensuring that future expansion of production meets increasing global demand for products from the region. More

The Central American Markets for Biodiversity - CAMBio

The project goal is to ensure that micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMME) in Central America increasingly contribute to sustainable development and environmental protection by incorporating biodiversity concerns in their products and services. More

Dominican Republic: Sustainable Cocoa Livelihoods

This project adressess cocoa´s main sustainability problems along the supply chain through establishing a national cocoa platform More

Sustainable Dairy Production in Honduras

This project will improve the competitiveness of sustainably dairy and beef production by implementing silvopastoral systems in cattle ranches More

Colombia: Transforming production practices by increasing economic incentives for sustainable coffee

This project´s main objective is to pilot economic incentives for producers that introduce practices on their farms to conserve biodiversity such as protecting water bodies, planting native trees, etc. More

Costa Rica: The National Platform for Responsible Production and Trade of Pineapple

The platform already delivered a National Action Plan to achieve sustainability throughout the whole pineapple sector and is preparing to start its second phase which aims at implementing the Acton Plan More