Our Projects

The GCP has developed strategic projects in the following commodities and countries:


Latin America and The Caribbean


  • Ghana: Greening the sustainable cocoa supply chain

    To facilitate collaboration between different stakeholders of the cocoa sector, UNDP is supporting COCOBOD to set up and operate a National Cocoa Platform, and will bring together both government, local authorities, international stakeholders , civil society, research institutions and NGO's creating much needed coordination More

  • Ethiopia National Coffee Platform

    UNDP is assisting the government of Ethiopia to establish a national coffee platform allowing it to address, together with key stakeholders, the major issues affecting the sector which include deforestation, insecure land tenure rights, and limited smallholders’ technical capacity.More

  • Cotê d'Ivoire: Sustainable Cocoa Initiative (CISCI)

    The overall objective of the initiative is to contribute to the promotion of a sustainable cocoa sector by institutionalizing sustainable production practices within the CCC (Conseil du Café Cacao), supporting policy development, implementation, enforcement and building capacity of national institutions with the mandate for providing long-term, good quality assistance to the sector. More


Indonesia: Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative (SPO)

The Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative (SPO) is a major public private partnership that supports the sustainable production of palm oil while minimizing adverse social and environmental impacts. More