Partnerships at a Country Level

GCP achieves in country partnerships through UNDP’s network of country offices in over 170 countries.  UNDP offices and programmes are directly connected to the government, donors and civil society in all these countries where they traditionally act as a neutral broker.  The global UNDP country office network means that GCP can help global initiatives become rooted and operational in any country, with legitimacy and partnership with the government to achieve sustainable commodity production.

The central approach of GCP in the countries is to promote and facilitate multi-stakeholder collaboration.  UNDP GCP has pioneered National Commodity Platforms to enhance the effectiveness the various initiatives by connecting them and by working together on improving the enabling environment.  The Platforms enable partnerships with all key commodity institutions and initiatives that play a role in the supply chain of a commodity in a target country.  See the description of National Commodity Platforms under the section 'What we do'.

Examples of partnerships