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Environment and Energy

The poor are disproportionately affected by environmental degradation and lack of access to clean, affordable energy services. UNDP helps countries strengthen their capacity to address these challenges at the global, national and community levels, seeking out and sharing best practices, providing innovative policy advice and linking partners through pilot projects.

Our Goals

UNDP strengthens national capacity to manage the environment in a sustainable manner to advance poverty reduction efforts. Through our country teams in 135 developing countries, we help our partners build their capacity to integrate environmental considerations into development plans and strategies, establish effective partnerships, secure resources, and implement programmes to support sustainable, low-carbon, climate-resilient development pathways.

Facts & Figures

In 2013, 8 Pacific island states used our expertise to adopt climate change policies and regulations. We also helped nearly 40,000 people to begin using measures to adapt to climate shifts. As one result, 5,000 people have more secure water supplies. more

Our Stories

UNDP in Ecuador


UNDP in Burundi
UNDP in Burundi
Preserving biodiversity, protecting livelihoods in Burundi

Located in northeastern Burundi, the Ruvubu National Park is the country’s largest protected ecosystem. Spread over more than 50 000 hectares, it is home to rareMore 

UNDP in Dominican Republic
UNDP in Dominican Republic
Light reaches rural communities in the Dominican Republic

After the fall of darkness in the town of La Cabirma, along the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, the muted glow of kerosene lamps andMore 

UNDP in Samoa
Stronger roots: Growing resilient forests in Samoa

If you look beyond the coral reefs and blue lagoons of Samoa, you will see mountain ranges rising up from within the islands, carpeted in thickMore 

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Programmes and Initiatives

  • Global Environment Facility (UNDP/GEF)

    With support from Global Environment Facility financing, UNDP helps developing countries catalyze investment into the green technologies, practices and enterprises that will make low emission, climate resilient environmentally sustainable development not only possible, but also economically attractive.more 

  • Green Commodities Programme

    The Green Commodities Programme manages a global portfolio of national-level commodity-focused programmes and platforms that remove barriers and institutionalize systemic approaches and resources for scaling up the production of sustainable commodities. This includes addressing environmental externalities within the supply chain, strengthening financial sustainability for technical assistance, reforming policy to level the production playing field and incentivizing sustainabilitymore 

  • MDG Carbon Facility

    The MDG Carbon Facility is an innovative means of harnessing the vast resources of the carbon market in order to bring long-term sustainable development to a more diverse share of developing countries.more 

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