Roundtable on Making Markets Work for the Poor 2010

UNDP-DDC convened a three-day Roundtable on Making Markets Work for the Poor in Nairobi, Kenya, on 23 -25 March, 2010.  The roundtable was organized as part of the ongoing European Union and UNDP co-funded Improving Market Access for Drylands Communities Project, known in short as Market Access Project (MAP).

The roundtable brought together key stakeholders working on enhancing the livelihood conditions of drylands populations to share lessons learnt and to discuss how improving market access can be used as an approach to reduce vulnerability and improve resilience of drylands communities.  Participants in the roundtable included: drylands communities; specialists in finance, business development skills and services, value addition, market linkages, standardization and quality control/assurance and conflict and peace management; government officials; development partners including donors and UN sister agencies; practitioners; private sector players; NGOs; and researchers.


Opening Session

Panel Session (District and Product Groups): Constraints and challenges facing communities and lesson learnt in producing and marketing the following products

  • Aloe soaps, shampoos and lotions (Turkana)
  • Handicrafts (Iramba, Longido, and Namanga/Kajiado)
  • Honey (Kajiado and Monduli)
  • Livestock (Kajiado, Monduli)

Panel session 1: Where are the financial services (this encompasses deposits, money transfers, credit and how accessible are they? What business skills and services are needed and access to the services?

Clinics: What products and services are available for the drylands

  • Finance - Financing of Market Access Initiative
  • Business Development Skills and Services


Panel Session 2: Experiences from Mozambique

Panel Session 3: How to?

(i) Standardization and quality assurance/control

(ii) Promotion of marketing linkages

(iii) Value addition to drylands commodities

Clinics: How to improve the competitiveness of drylands commodities

  • Standardization and quality assurance/control
  • Marketing Linkages
  • Value Addition


Panel Session 4: Experiences from Ghana

Panel Session 5: How to address to ensure market development and growth

Panel Session 6: Key areas of focus in support of the dryland economic development

Formation of a Network Group to support the dryland economic development: What and how?

Plenary: Way forward and Wrap-up and Closure of Roundtable