Fifth African Drought Adaptation Forum

The African Drought Risk and Development Network’s fifth Africa Drought Adaptation Forum (ADAF5) took place in Arusha, Tanzania, on February 11-12, 2013, back to back with the Fourth Africa Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). 44 Sub-Saharan African government focal points for DRR were invited to attend both fora along with experts from UN agencies, NGOs, academic and technical institutions, national, regional intergovernmental
institutions and the Africa Union.

The ADAF5 featured methods and tools which measure the impact of drought risk reduction practices across the region. It also provided practical examples regarding impact and cost-effectiveness of drought risk reduction measures. While the four past fora featured a wealth of good practices and the ADAF4 focused on the need for enhanced coordination, early warning and early action, the ADAF5 placed a particular focus on and presented elements of a standardized methodology and introduce broadly applicable indicators that evaluate and aggregate short and long-term changes and trends in drought resilience as a result of interventions in quantitative values, and tools to build strong evidence that drought risk reduction really works.

Objectives of the ADAF5 are to:

  1. Understand methodologies and tools applied to build evidence of impacts e.g. DRR investments/drought risk reduction interventions, climate
    change adaptation practices etc.;
  2. Exchange examples of proven impact/costeffectiveness of drought risk reduction practices; and
  3. Agree on a continental way forward to enhance DRR investments in the drylands based on proven good practices.


Session 1: Opening & Welcome (Chaired by Dr. Pedro Basabe, UNISDR)

  • Remark by Dr. Nyamajeje Weggoro, Director for Productive Sector, East African Community
  • Remark by Mr. Philippe Poinsot, Country Director at UNDP Tanzania
  • Welcome address and opening by Mrs. Nachaghe Anna Konyo Nanai, Assistant Director, Disaster Management Office, Prime Minister's Office, Government of the United Republic of Tanzania

Session 2: Introductory Session 

Session 3: Community Based Resilience Assessment (CoBRA)


Review of key points from Day 1

Session 4: Panel Discussion - Experiences on Resilience Indicators & Measurements (Chaired by Paul Kimeu, National Drought Management Authority in Kenya)

Panel Members 

Session 5: Community Resilience – Recent Findings (Chaired by Dr. Emmanuel Chinyamakobvu, UNCCD)

Session 6: Way Forward

  • Plenary Discussion: Programming needs in relation to resilience measurement: implementing agency perspective
  • Drought Online Discussion Forum Launch by Phillip Fong, FAO
  • Key Discussion Issues for Regional Platform by Rhea Katsanakis and  Oyundi Nehondo, UNISDR

Session 7: Closing

  • Remark by Dr. Pedro Basabe, UNISDR
  • Closing Remark by Mr. Almami Dampha, Policy Officer, Forest and Land Management, Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture of the Africa Union