Third African Drought Adaptation Forum

The African Drought Risk and Development Network’s third Drought Adaptation Forum (ADAF) took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on September 17-19, 2008. The focus of the ADAF3 was placed on the significance of climate change to the development of drylands in Africa and the practicability of climate change adaptation in the drylands of Sub-Saharan Africa. It brought together some 80 participants from around Africa and the Arab States regions, encompassing policymakers, government officials, UN agencies, donors, practitioners from international NGOs and local CBOs, the media and applied researchers, to exchange practical experiences, findings and ideas on how to enhance capacity to cope with the increasing threat of drought and climate change in the drylands of Africa.


1. Opening Session (Chair - Ousmane Laye, Chief, Environment and Sustainable Development, Food Security and Sustainable Development Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa)

  • Josue Dione, Director, Food Security and Sustainable Development Division, UNECA
  • Pedro Basabe, Secretariat of the UN-International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
  • Director, Rural Economy and Agriculture, African Union Commission
  • Alessandra Tisot, Country Director, United Nations Development Programme, Ethiopia

2.Introductory Session (Chair - Walter Knausenberger, USAID)

a) Drought and development in Africa

b) Facilitating peer learning on drought and development in Africa

3. Session 1 - Drought risk management as applied climate change adaptation for Africa (Chair - Jessica Troni, UNDP Global Environment Facility)

African case studies: Drought management practices as adaptation options

  • Landscape scale sand dam systems in Eastern Africa; Ecological and socio-economic impacts by Gideon Mutiso, SASOL. Discussant: Ephraim Alamerew, Ethiopian Rainwater Harvesting Association
  • Pastoralism as an adaptive livelihood strategy: communication and policy by Fekadu Abate, Oromia Pastoralists Association

4. Session 2 - Drought risk management as applied climate change adaptation for Africa

  • Moderated group discussions 'Promising practices and adaptation strategies for dryland Africa'


1. Review of key points from Day 1

2. Session 3: Drought management as applied disaster risk reduction

Group Work - Hyogo Framework for Action with respect to best practices

3. Session 4: Technical capacity building seminar - drought risk management tools for projects, programs & policy (Chair: Paolo Paron, FAO-SWALIM)


1. Review of key points from Day 3

2. Session 5: Mainstreaming drought risk management good practice in projects and policy (Chair - Walter Knausenberger, USAID)

Panel and plenary discussion and group work: how do we identify good practice and make good use of it?

3. Session 6: Mainstreaming drought good practice What is the role of knowledge networking? (Chair - Pedro Basabe, UN-ISDR)

4. Summary and Way Forward for the Network