First African Drought Adaptation Forum

The African Drought Risk and Development Network's first Drought Adaptation Forum took place in Nairobi, Kenya, on 31 January - 02 February, 2005, to identify and discuss the roles different parties could play to promote the general message of drought risk reduction/management as applied to climate risk in Africa. It brought together a multi-disciplinary group of participants from within as well as outside Africa. They included experts and practitioners working on drought, food security and crisis issues, development agencies and donor partners.

Day 1


Panel One: Overview - Drought and Development Policy in Africa

Panel Two: Context - Climate Risk, Vulnerability and Development

Panel Three: Drought in Africa - What do we know/what have we learned?

Day 2

Presentation of Discussion Paper

Panel Four: What Should We Be Integrating?

Panel Five: How do we Work with Stakeholders to Integrate Drought Risk into Development Policy?

Panel Six:Integrating household-level risk into national policy

Panel Seven: Integrating Relief and Development: The Eternal Divide?

Day 3

Panel Eight: Must Africa be Hostage to Climate Shocks? - First Steps Towards a Better Future

Group Discussion on way forward: How can we promote a proactive and integrated approach to drought risk management as a central development issue for chronically drought-affected countries in Africa?