First Africa-Asia Drought Adaptation Forum

The Africa-Asia Drought Risk Management Peer Assistance Network’s (AADP) First Africa-Asia Drought Adaptation Forum was organized in Bangkok, Thailand, from 14 -15 June 2011. The 2-day Forum was attended by a dynamic group of participants engaged in different aspects of drought risk management (DRM) issues in Africa and Asia. They include representatives from government/inter-governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, academia, development partners and donor community.

The purpose of the Forum was to help establish effective modalities for identifying, exchanging and up-scaling good DRM practices within and between affected countries in the two regions. More specifically, the findings of the stocktaking exercise, which was carried out in parallel since March 2011, were presented to map out the demand/supply for DRM capacities in the two regions and to identify the key actors to coordinate with and priority areas to which the AADP's inter-regional south-south cooperation support could add value.



Session 1. Opening Session

  • Remark by Dr. Pedro Basabe, UN-ISDR Regional Office for Africa
  • Welcome Address and Opening by Mr. Nicholas Rosellini, UNDP Asia-Pacific Regional Centre (AARC)
  • Outline of the Forum Objectives, Structure and Administration by Dr. Eric Patrick, UNDP Drylands Development Centre (DDC)
  • Overview of the AADP by Ms. Yuko Kurauchi, UNDP-DDC

Session 2. Drought Survey - Participatory Interpretation

Small Working Group Discussion

Session 3. Drought Adaptation in the Face of Increasing Disaster / Climate Change Risks (Facilitator: Dr. Eric Patrick, UNDP-DDC)

Session 4. Snapshots of DRM in Africa and Asia – Challenges and Opportunities (Facilitator: Dr. Cody Knutson, US National Drought Mitigation Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Group Discussion

Plenary Wrap-up of Day One


Review of key points from Day 1

Working Group Result Presentations and Discussions

Session 5. DRM Practices on the Ground – Good Practices & Lessons Learned (Facilitator: Dr. Rajib Shaw, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University)

Session 6. Mainstreaming and Upscaling DRM Good Practice: Existing Tools, Instruments and Approaches for Knowledge Sharing (Facilitator: Mr. El Kebir Mdarhri Alaoui, UNDP Morocco)

Session 7. Operationalizing the Africa-Asia DRM Network (Facilitator: Dr. Eric Patrick, UNDP-DDC)

Discussion: Your Role in Network

Way Forward and Closing