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Enhanced quality, security and affordability of modern energy

UNDP promotes energy efficiency and conservation, as well as sustainable urban and transportation systems.

Energy efficiency

Some of the most cost-effective ways to increase access to energy are through energy efficiency and conservation, helping simultaneously to enhance energy security, reliability and quality. 

UNDP promotes energy efficiency working with countries to establish standards and labels for energy efficiency, introducing energy effiicent building codes for new construction, improving energy efficiency of exsiting building stock through retrofits, reducing demand for energy services and increasing energy efficiency.

UNDP in cooperation with UNCDF works with municipalities to use green bonds to finance improved energy efficiency with investment costs being repaid through energy cost savings.  Green bonds help overcome the upfront financing barrier to investment.


Mobility of people, goods and services is essential for economic growth, poverty alleviation and human development.  However, transport based on petrol and diesel fuelled private vehicles generates serious economic, social, health and environmental costs.  Alternatives such as fuel-cell vehicles, which produce water as their only emission, could yield major reductions in air pollution and result in higher fuel efficiency as compared with conventional vehicles.

UNDP has supported at least 22 projects valued at $85 million targeted on improving energy use and efficiency in urban areas worldwide.

UNDP has begun focussing on a more holistic approach based on low carbon, climate-resilient, integrated urban systems characterized by more climate friendly transport systems.