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Within Environment and Sustainable Development, UNDP works to:

  • Support governments in defining environment and energy policies, plans and budgets that address the needs of both women and men
  • Enhance governments' capacity to deliver modern energy and environment services equitably to poor women and men.
  • Help women's networks to participate effectively in national, regional and global decision making on the environment and climate change
  • Improve access to environmental finance for women entrepreneurs and community-based women's organizations.
  • Draw upon women's local knowledge to protect, sustain and manage biodiversity and natural resources.

  • Water Governance and Gender Gender in Water Management: Resource Guide

    The Guide is a reference document designed to facilitate access to available literature and resources regarding gender and IWRM; improve the sustainability and effectiveness of water-related activities through incorporation of gender equality and diversity; and improve understanding and awareness of gender concepts through an easy reference to existing materials, cases, and tools.more

  • Gender Mainstreaming in E&E Training Manual

    This training manual is developed to help build greater understanding among UNDP staff and partners about the essential gender dimensions involved in ensuring environmental and energy sustainability. It gives an overview of gender issues in environment and energy and how to mainstream gender in policy and practice.more

  • Resource Guide on Gender and Climate Change

    The guide aims to inform practitioners and policy makers of the linkages between gender equality and climate change and their importance in relation to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. It makes the case for why it is necessary to include women's voices, needs and expertise in climate change policy and programming.more

  • Chemicals and Gender

    Guidance document describes important linkages between development, gender, and chemicals management. While policymakers are beginning to understand the important role played by the sound management of chemicals in economic and social development, it is also important to recognize the significant linkages between gender and chemicalmore