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Integrating Biodiversity into Development

Sustainable fishing for the conservation of biodiversityPromoting sustainable fishing for the conservation of biodiversity

Integrating biodiversity and ecosystem management into development planning and production sector activities to safeguard biodiversity and maintain ecosystem services that sustain human wellbeing.

UNDP is committed to stepping up efforts to integrate biodiversity and ecosystem objectives into multiple sectors across land- and seascapes including key productive sectors, such as fisheries, agriculture and forestry; promote more sustainable production practices that maintain land and water ecosystem services; and conserve remaining biodiversity. UNDP helps countries to stimulate job creation by helping ‘biodiversity-friendly’ producers to access new markets, and by promoting nature-based tourism initiatives that generate income for local communities. Sustainable harvesting livelihoods are supported, as well as access and benefit sharing agreements on genetic resources. Work is undertaken to integrate biodiversity objectives into production sectors such as fisheries, agriculture and forestry—promoting sustainable land management approaches to protect the ecosystem services needed for food and water security. Incorporation of biodiversity and ecosystem issues in governments’ development planning and poverty reduction strategies will aim to ensure that the real value of biodiversity and ecosystems is taken into account.

Key activities include:

  • Promoting the holistic valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services to strengthen the business case for investments by governments and the private sector.
  • Internalizing the value of biodiversity and ecosystem services within national and sub-national plans, policies and accounting frameworks.
  • Promoting engagement with sectors in production landscapes and seascapes to mainstream biodiversity and ecosystem management objectives.
  • Working with countries to access traditional and innovative biodiversity financing and markets.
  • Promoting sustainable use of biodiversity and facilitates agreements on Access and Benefit-Sharing (ABS) for genetic resources and traditional knowledge.
  • Building capacities in all aspects of the biodiversity-development interface.