UNDP Around the world

Lessons Learned

 Photo: Cecilia Aipira/UNDP

A number of current UNDP initiatives have produced lessons learned that are relevant for Green LECRDS preparation and implementation. For examples of such lessons learned, please visit the following sites:

In the coming years, UNDP aims to support countries to:

  • Incorporate low-emission, climate-resilient considerations into broader development frameworks and planning processes at national, regional, and municipal levels
  • Strengthen capacity of key public and private institutions to reduce and better manage climate risks and uncertainties
  • Create incentives for institutions to coordinate across sectors in the formulation of low-emission, climate-resilient policies
  • Adjust and expand regulatory and fiscal incentive structures and schemes to support Green LECRDS
  • Promote innovative, cost-effective technologies for managing climate risks and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Lessons learned are being captured and will be posted as the above activities are carried out. Please check back periodically.