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Integrating Sound Management of Chemicals into National Development Planning

Integrating sound management of chemicals into national development planning

To improve their chemicals management regime, UNDP assists countries integrate the Sound Management of Chemicals (SMC) into national development plans and strategies through:

  • Provision of technical guidance
  • Assistance in catalyzing environmental finance

The UNDP Guide for Integrating the Sound Management of Chemicals into MDG-Based Development Planning provides a systematic approach to countries to help assess their capacity for sound management of chemicals, identify needs, and ultimately integrate identified priorities into national MDG-based development policies and plans. The UNDP Guide is based on applied, practical experience accumulated in a number of pilot countries under the UNDP-UNEP Partnership Initiative.

UNDP-supported activities entail:

  • Baseline analysis to determine the degree of integration of SMC into national development planning and to assess the adequacy of such strategies in terms of protecting the environment and human health.
  • In-depth assessment of national chemical management issues relevant to national development planning.
  • Identification of chemicals management opportunities likely to result in concrete environmental, health and economic benefits as a result of introducing sound management practices and determination to what extent these could be integrated into national MDG-based development planning.
  • Determination of economic costs and benefits of SMC interventions (such as policy/regulatory options, SMC practices, etc.)
  • Developing policy and regulatory frameworks to facilitate the implementation of selected priorities and their subsequent integration.
  • Improving the integration of chemicals management priorities into national discussions, development processes, policies and plans.

These activities are not only targeted at influencing national plans, but also at sector strategies and local level implementation. The overall aim is to establish enduring institutional processes within government ministries and the wider stakeholder community to bring about the sound management of chemicals – focusing on the government bodies responsible for poverty reduction and growth policies, while strengthening the role of environmental agencies and non-governmental actors. The process also entails fostering national budget commitments, in partnership with donor assistance, following the integration of chemical management priorities into national policy and planning documents. UNDP partners with the Government of Sweden and receives financial support from the SAICM Quick Start Programme Trust Fund (QSPTF) providing technical assistance and expertise.