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UNDP-UNEP Partnership Initiative on Chemicals

The Partnership Initiative between UNDP and UNEP was established in line with the Global Partnership between the two UN agencies which aims to increase collaboration and joint activities to improve support to partner countries in achieving internationally agreed environment and sustainable development goals.

The primary objective of the Partnership Initiative is to facilitate the integration of the Sound Management of Chemicals into national development planning processes in support of SAICM to ultimately support sustainable development in developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

This involves establishing the links between poverty and the sound management of chemicals, such as improved human and environmental health as well as increased economic security and income opportunities for the poor, and subsequently identifying the policies and programmes needed to bring about pro-poor chemical management. It also involves looking at potential chemical risks arising from implementing sections of the development plans, and trying to mitigate such risks at the planning stage.

The UNDP-UNEP Partnership Initiative on Chemicals is helping countries to:

  • Identify specific areas of chemicals management that are likely to result in concrete environmental, health and economic benefits as a result of introducing sound management practices, and put in place a plan to begin addressing identified national priorities.
  • Improve the integration of chemicals management priorities into national discussions, development processes, policies and plans.
  • Assess the adequacy of national development strategies in terms of protecting the environment and human health, and determine to what extent identified national chemical management priorities could be integrated into national MDG-based development planning.

With financial support from the SAICM Quick Start Programme Trust Fund (QSPTF), UNDP’s Environment and Energy Thematic Trust Fund (TTF) and bi-lateral donors, the Partnership Initiative is currently supporting activities in Belarus, Belize, Ecuador, Honduras, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Mauritania, and Mauritius. Country projects for Cambodia, Macedonia, Uganda and Zambia have already been concluded with encouraging results on further integrating Sound Chemicals Management priorities into the national MDG-based planning.

For more information on the UNDP-UNEP Partnership Initiative download the Partnership Initiative’s brochure.