Fast Facts


Fast Facts: Integrating environment into development planning

Ecosystem services play a critical role in securing livelihoods, good health, and resilience for poor people around the world. Conversely, if ecosystem services are degraded or access is denied, poverty is exacerbated. This profound connection between the environment and poverty is likely to bemore


Fast Facts: Ozone and Climate Change

The Montreal Protocol is an international environmental agreement that aims to protect the earth’s ozone layer by phasing out the production and consumption of ozone depleting substances (ODS). ODS are used in important sectors, such as refrigeration and air conditioning, agriculture, solvents, andmore


Fast Facts: Participatory Governance Assessments for REDD

A quick overview of how UN-REDD programme is using participatory governance assessments to provide capacity-building and training for governments to provide relevant, reliable and timely information, as well as civil society to act upon the information provided in order to hold their governments tomore