Fast Facts


Fast Facts: Environment & Energy

The increasing degradation of ecosystems and the growing impacts of climate change urgently call for a new development paradigm. Without drastic changes in production and consumption patterns, our planet will not be able to sustain the global economy.  Experts warn of the collapse of entiremore


Fast Facts: Gender and Environment

Dependent as they are on the environment to feed their families and eke out a living, the world’s poorest people suffer the most from changes in climate and the degradation of natural resources.  The world’s poorest inhabitants – six out of ten of whom are female – are therefore most severelymore


Fast Facts: Human Rights Based Approach and Water Governance

UNDP promotes a human rights based approach (HRBA) in its work to improve water resources management and access to water and sanitation. The document highlights the synergy between an HRBA and water governance. It provides examples of the Water Governance Programme’s work with the right to watermore



Results: Somalia

Since 1991, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been helping the people of Somalia to recover from years of conflict while setting the country on the path to development. UNDP’s strategy in Somalia focuses on making progress towards peace and meeting people’s humanitarian andmore


Results: Sudan

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is helping the people of Sudan to overcome the consequences of decades of conflict, and to ensure a peaceful transition from recovery to stability.   UNDP Sudan focuses on preventing future conflicts in the country, as well as buildingmore


Results: Tunisia

The situation in Tunisia remains dynamic two years after its 2011 revolution, and the country’s transition continues to face a number of challenges, including security issues, high unemployment and delays in the adoption of a consensus-based Constitution. As a critical partner to the newmore