Fast Facts


Fast Facts: Adaptive Water Governance

UNDP promotes equitable access to water resources and water and sanitation services as a fundamental requisite for human development. In a rapidly changing world, UNDP's Water Governance Programme catalyzes efforts towards the achievements of the MDGs. The document provides a brief overview ofmore


Fast Facts: Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Human survival and wellbeing depend upon biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, and the goods and services they provide—such as food, medicines, crop pollination, filtration of pollutants, and protection from natural disasters. This contribution is neither fully recognized nor valued in markets.more


Fast Facts: Climate Change

Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time. Receding forests, changing rainfall patterns and rising sea levels will exacerbate existing economic, political and humanitarian stresses and affect human development in all parts of the world.   By putting climate change adaptationmore



Biodiversity for Sustainable Development: Delivering Results for Asia and the Pacific

This book is both a celebration of biodiversity work in the Asia-Pacific region and a cautionary account of what is happening to the ecosystems that support millions of lives and livelihoods in the region.     Innovations in monitoring endangered species, in creating protected areas andmore


Results: Tunisia

The situation in Tunisia remains dynamic two years after its 2011 revolution, and the country’s transition continues to face a number of challenges, including security issues, high unemployment and delays in the adoption of a consensus-based Constitution. As a critical partner to the newmore


The Environment and Energy Thematic Trust Fund (EE TTF) 2013 Annual Report

The Environment and Energy Thematic Trust Fund (EE TTF) 2013 Annual Report highlights the main achievements made in 2013 through support from the EE TTF, covering four key areas of UNDP’s Environment and Energy practice: 1) Mainstreaming environment and energy; 2) Catalyzing environmental finance;more

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