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One Village - One Product Initiative under LITACA Project, Production of pickled mountaineous onion (piyozi anzur) in Jamoat Yol, Shurabad District, Khatlon Province. (Photo: UNDP Tajikistan)
Inspired by China: Designing Better Government Services For Urban Bangladesh. (Photo: UNDP China)
A Message of Solidarity: South-South Cooperation between China and Nepal on Ethnic Minority Women’s Livelihoods. (Photo: UNDP China)
East-East Sharing Brings Solar Water Heaters To Rural Tajikistan (Photo: UNDP Tajikistan)

The world has adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an agenda calling for a new and inclusive global partnership, of which South-South and triangular cooperation forms an integral part, complementing North-South Cooperation. During the past decades,  South-South cooperation has increasingly demonstrated their contribution to development results through a variety of flexible cooperation modalities, including knowledge exchanges, technology transfers, financing, peer support, and neighbourhood initiatives, as well as countries forming common development agendas and seeking collective solutions. UNDP supports South-South and Triangular Cooperation with the goal to maximize its development impact and accelerate poverty eradication and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2015, UNDP reported 689 projects and programmes across 132 countries that have utilized South-South and triangular cooperation, covering more than 15 percent of the total projects and programmes. This is a step forward from the 2014 baseline parameters which reported 469 initiatives.  Over 16 percent of country offices reported that SSC and TrC was substantially and systematically utilized for achieving development results.

UNDP has a strong role to play as knowledge broker, capacity development supporter and partnership facilitator when developing countries work together to find solutions to common development challenges.

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Photo: UNDP Palestine
Palestinian Business women Participate in Products Exhibition in Kuwait

The stories behind the women who participated at the Kuwait Exhibit.more 

Photo: Benoit Almeras/UNDP DRC
DR Congo: Solidarity funds cut poverty, strengthen communities

Since June 2013, UNDP has facilitated the creation of 75 MuSo in the five communities targeted by the project, bringing together more than 1,500 inhabitants, of whom 50 percent are women.more 

Photo: Felomena Marquex de olivera/UNDP Timor-Leste
Featured Stories

A youth initiative funded by the Republic of Korea and supported by UNDP raises awareness about environmental issues and creates job opportunities.more 

Photo: UNDP, Tajikistan
East-East Sharing Brings Solar Water Heaters to Rural Tajikistan

During two training courses in a rural village inTajikistan, village residents – more than half of whomwere women – learned to assemble solar waterheaters using locally available materials. more 

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Why do we need SSMART for SDGs?

The world has adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an agenda calling for a new and inclusive global partnership, of which South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSC and TrC) forms an integral part...Read More.

South-South Global Thinkers Initiative

The past two decades have seen South-South and Triangular cooperation (SSC and TrC) grow rapidly in scale, intensity, and modalities. Yet, the quality and availability of information on the scale and impact of SSC have not kept pace ...Read More.

Saemaul Initiative Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Communities

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Bolivia: Inclusive and Sustainable Communities

As part of Saemaul project in Bolivia, UNDP organized a SSC mission of Bolivian local leaders to Ecuador to share their experience of the Saemaul Undong...more.

Introduction Video to South-South Cooperation in 75 seconds

Xiaojun Grace Wang, Lead Adviser for South-South Cooperation, provides an overview on the opportunities and challenges on South-South and Triangular Cooperation.

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