Development impact

UNDP assists partners to achieve sustainable, people-centered development through an integrated approach that links policy with planning and programming, for promoting results based management, instating quality safeguards, monitoring and evaluating impact and equally learning from failures and successes.

UNDP introduces systems, from the project level up, to entrench evaluation, learning and knowledge management strongly in the organization by being more open, innovative, knowledge and evidence driven. This eventually supports effective development cooperation, South-South and Triangular Cooperation and higher quality programming and action.

A boy listens to a Community Radio programme aiming to instill social cohesion and local development in North Kivu by offering residents a way to express themselves, engage in dialogue and access vital information. (Photo: Benoit Almeras-Martino/UNDP DRC)more

Our stories

woman in the crops
UNDP in Uganda
Value chains: Supporting agriculture and trade in Uganda

A project is helping small scale farmers access international markets and improve their products.more 

 Mosuo woman
UNDP in China
China: Mosuo women artisans reach world market

UNDP launched a culture-in-development project to introduce Mosuo craft to an international audience and create new markets.more 

UNDP in Guatemala
Broadening career opportunities in Guatemala

Evelin Quevedo, Daniel Vargas and Sasha Saraí are around 20 years old and share the satisfaction of having reached their common goal: find a job more 

UNDP in Georgia
In Georgia, vocational training equips youth for job market

Nine professional education centres are providing training in 25 high-demand careers, and about 1,500 students can enroll in the courses each year.more 

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Programmes and initiatives

  • Global Environment Facility (UNDP/GEF)

    As the UN system's development programme and a GEF Implementing Agency, UNDP supports countries in addressing development, climate, and ecosystem sustainability in an integrated manner. more 

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