Knowledge Management

UNDP’s Knowledge Management Strategy Framework 2014-2017 aims to strengthen UNDP’s role as knowledge broker, builder of capacities and facilitator of exchanges in the global development debate.  The way we develop, capture, share and effectively use knowledge underpins the realization of development outcomes. To this end we focus on four work streams:

  • Identifying, capturing, disseminating and applying lessons learned from past projects and initiatives;
  • Strengthening knowledge exchange and networking, through corporate social networking and thematic Communities of Practice;
  • Fostering openness and public engagement through blogging, public online dialogues, consultations and events;
  • Embedding KM into talent management, HR processes, including training.

Examples of our knowledge management work includes knowledge exchange through public dialogues and online consultations hosted on Global Dev Hub, and corporate Communities of Practice and social networking, both internally in UNDP and across the UN system, taking place on Yammer.


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