Publications and Reports

The latest collection of UNDP publications and reports related to innovation for development. Also check out our Innovation Blog Series.


  • Measuring Poverty with Big Data,UNDP China and Baidu; Report that addresses the multi-faceted and complex nature of poverty by combining eight indicators to evaluate the provision of services of the 2,284 counties across the country.
  • Innovations in Monitoring & Evaluating Results; Discussion paper exploring innovative approaches to managing the performance of public policies, programmes, and service delivery.
  • Social Innovation for Public Service Excellence; Discussion paper exploring how social innovation responds to challenges faced in public service through offering new solutions, methodologies and conceptual frameworks.
  • Foresight as a Strategic Long-Term Planning Tool; Paper exploring how strategic foresight supports decision and policymakers in developing countries to maximize the strengths and benefits of national programmes, embracing levels of risk and uncertainty.
  • Comic: Innovation for Development – 5 Stories; A look at five illustrated examples of initiatives supported by the UNDP Innovation Facility, from roving entrepreneurship labs in Haiti, strategic planning with foresight in Rwanda, to building novel ways for e-waste recycling in China, inclusive designing of services in Egypt, and testing behavioural insights in Moldova.


  • UNDP Innovation Facility Annual Review 2015 | 2014 ; The Annual Reviews of the UNDP Innovation Facility lay out why innovation is becoming increasingly important in international development and for UNDP. It describes our approach to innovation as well as shares brief descriptions of the initiatives funded by the Facility.

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