Democratic Governance

More countries than ever before are working to build democratic governance. Their challenge is to develop institutions and processes that are more responsive to the needs of ordinary citizens, including the poor, and that promote development. UNDP helps countries strengthen electoral and legislative systems, improve access to justice and public administration and develop a greater capacity to deliver basic services to those most in need.

Our Goals

Through its programmes, UNDP brings people together within nations and around the world, fostering partnerships and sharing ways to promote participation, accountability and effectiveness at all levels. We aim to build effective and capable states that are accountable and transparent, inclusive and responsive — from elections to participation of women and the poor. Learn more about our work with the Youth.

Facts and figures

More than 30,000 citizens were consulted on the draft Tunisia Constitution through initiatives supported by UNDP. Commitments to human rights, among other provisions, are pivotal steps towards inclusive democracy. More

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Projects and Initiatives


Fighting corruption to improve governance in FYR Macedonia

The government decentralization process launched in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYR Macedonia) a decade ago was motivated by the desire to bring public services closer to citizens. According to numerous public opinion polls since the process began, however, people perceive corruption more


Environmental justice in the Philippines

As an archipelago, the Philippines will, in all likelihood, be significantly impacted by the effects of climate change. Greenpeace Southeast Asia has projected that a mere 1-meter rise in the sea level may affect 64 out of 81 provinces in the Philippines.  In Metro Manila alone, it is estimatedmore

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples - 9 August

"The interests of the indigenous peoples must be part of the new development agenda in order for it to succeed. […]  Let us work even harder to empower them and support their aspirations." 


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
2014 message on the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

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Featured Publications
Global Report: Gender Equality in Public Administration (GEPA)

The UNDP Global Report on GEPA provides analysis of the obstacles in the way of women’s equal participation and decision-making in public administration. 

Governance and the Post-2015 Development Framework

This series of Issue Briefs have been prepared as part of the Global Thematic Consultation on Governance and the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

The Role of UNDP in Promoting Democratic Elections in Africa

Many African countries have made substantial progress in recent years in consolidating democratic practices. In support of these efforts, UNDP has actively pursued its mandate to assist in improving electoral processes.

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