Gender and Democratic Governance in Development: Delivering Services for Women

This programme, with the support of the Government of Norway, aims to build a body of knowledge, practical programming experience, programming methodologies and tools to improve the governance of the delivery of public goods and services to women. It is currently being implemented in three countries: Morocco, Rwanda and Tajikistan.

In each of these countries the programme aims to improve policies and institutional mechanisms for gender-responsive service delivery and increase women's influence in the governance of service delivery. Additionally a key area of focus for this programme is to build a global knowledge base on gender responsive service delivery that includes country-specific and cross-country data on the quality of service performance to women and qualitative data on institutional challenges and ways of addressing them.

The programme is in partnership with UNIFEM and efforts are to build capacity of UNDP/UNIFEM staff and national counterparts to generate gender sensitive governance assessments and influence policy makers globally to recognize that service delivery to women is a key criterion for good governance and is crucial for the achievement of the MDGs.

In addition, support to national initiatives is offered to increase the production of human development relevant governance indicators that are also gender sensitive. This will be done through the consultative approach of the National Human Development Report and thereby strengthen accountability at all levels of government. Highlighting the importance of governance indicators to human development can increase the demand, quality and relevance of nationally produced governance statistics. Currently two countries are supported for this purpose: Dominican Republic and Viet Nam:

Viet Nam: New online tool will allow greater participation in assessing public administration
With the help of an online tool, people in Viet Nam will soon have the opportunity to engage more on issues of public administration and basic service delivery performance. The tool will help disseminate, analyze and review the governance indicators of the Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI). Read more

Dominican Republic: Human Empowerment Index will help strengthen local services for development
In collaboration with the Government of the Dominican Republic, UNDP is working on a National Human Development Report for 2012 that will strengthen the Dominican Human Empowerment Index. By comparing the situation for different social groups, age groups and men and women, at the level of provinces, the new report will aim to support public policy making as well as basic public services for strengthening human development. Read more