Governance Assessments

Through the Global Programme on Democratic Governance Assessments, UNDP seeks to assist developing countries in producing disaggregated and non-ranking governance indicators to enable national stakeholders to better monitor performance toward democratic governance reforms.

The aim of the Programme is to develop the capacities of governments, national statistical offices and civil society in the collection, maintenance and analysis of governance-related data and to assist development of an inclusive, consultative framework for systematic assessment and monitoring of democratic governance goals and targets expressed in national development plans.

UNDP currently provides financial and technical support to governance assessments projects across the world, including in Angola, Barbados, Bhutan, Chile, Djibouti, Egypt, FYR Macedonia, Indonesia, Malawi, Mexico, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Senegal and Tajikistan.

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Users' Guides to Measuring

The series offers:

  • A menu of indicators and tools ready to be used
  • Guidance to comparative indices
  • How-to conduct a country-led governance assessment
  • Case studies and good practices
  • Voices from the trenches


  Local Governance



  Public Administration

  Comparative Governance Indicators

  Impact of Right to Information Programmes