Learning and Training

The Oslo Governance Centre maintains a democratic governance training programme online that is available to anyone free of charge, covering areas such as human rights, gender and governance, anti-corruption, access to information, engaging with civil society, electoral systems and processes, public administration reform, parliamentary development, justice system and decentralization and governance and conflict prevention In addition, the Centre organizes a variety of face-to-face trainings, workshops and seminars for UNDP staff and partners on selected DG topics throughout the year.

How we work


The Leadership and Innovations in the Democratic Governance (LEADING): The LEADING Seminar is a high-level strategic DG learning event targeting senior UN and UNDP managers, with the participation of leading experts and practitioners in the field of democracy studies. The LEADING seminars aimed to provide participants with 'state of the art' research and thinking on global trends and developments in the areas of democratisation, as well as to provide a forum for exchanging knowledge and experiences on democratic governance assistance, including strategic discussions of how the assistance provided by UNDP can be better tailored to realities on the ground. The last LEADING seminar took place in 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Democratic Governance Online Training: The Democratic Governance Online Training was launched in 2007 by the Learning Resources Centre and the Oslo Governance Centre, Democratic Governance Group. It is structured in three self-paced courses, corresponding to the three priority areas laid down in the UNDP Strategic Plan, 2008 - 2013.