Emerging Issues

The Oslo Governance Centre conducts analysis linked to specific emerging issues facing democratic governance at global, regional and country levels. One example of an emerging area is that of political economy analysis, because interventions need to be rooted in detailed understanding of the forces influencing the development of societies; another is the role of democratic governance in climate change, with management of forest resources being a high priority; and a final example is the increasing focus on state building, ensuring that issues of inclusion, responsiveness and capability are being addressed. 

These include: 
Political Economy Analysis: Working closely with other parts of the UNDP, the OGC has started to analyze current trends in usage of political economy analysis in the context of international development, arguing for its potential benefits, and indicating how UNDP can engage with actors undertaking analyses and adapt these practices to its own mandate. 

Building an Inclusive, Responsive and Capable State: As part of the preparations for theDG 2010 Community of Practice on the theme "Building an Inclusive, Responsive and Capable State", the OGC on behalf of the DGG managed the production of a series of regional and country papers produced by leading academics and experts.