DG Training Online

Democratic Governance Training Online is a menu of self-paced courses. It is geared towards practitioners, or anyone who would like an induction or a refresher on UNDP's work in democratic governance.

In a set of 3 courses, virtual facilitators take you through the broad landscape of democratic governance for development. The course structure reflects UNDP's strategic priorities for democratic governance. Each lesson presents fundamental concepts, trends, debates and challenges, as well as UNDP policy and practical guidance for programming.

The Democratic Governance Training Online is the product of a partnership between the Learning Resources Centre (Bureau of Management) and the Oslo Governance Centre (Democratic Governance Group, Bureau of Development Policy). We would like to thank all the course contributors.

How to Take This Course


Please note that courses are open to everyone and free of charge.

If you are a UNDP staff member, please go to the UNDP Learning Management System using the following link: http://learning.undp.org.

If you are not a UNDP staff member, please note that much of the content of these courses apply specifically to UNDP.

You simply register by clicking on the course link and providing the following information: your name, institution and country.

Course Menu

  • Introduction to Democratic Governance

Course 1: Promoting democratic governance grounded in UN values and principles

Course 2: Fostering inclusive participation

Course 3: Strengthening responsive governing institutions