GPECS: Latin America and Caribbean Region

Support regional knowledge networks to promote the participation and engagement of indigenous peoples in political processes, particularly women

The three year strategy for the Latin America and Caribbean region will unfold in accordance with UN and UNDP strategic guidelines “fostering more inclusive electoral laws, institutions and processes”; especially for the most vulnerable. The Regional Strategy will be focused on fostering political integration of indigenous peoples; especially youth, women, and on the consolidation of regional electoral related professional networks.We have identified countries such as Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Bolivia, Ecuador or Peru as priority countries mostly due to their extensive indigenous populations, some shared political interests and geographical proximity. 

Establishing the first indigenous electoral communication network in Latin America and Caribbean

GPECS has facilitated the first network for electoral communication for indigenous people in Latin America and the Caribbean. Dina Chuquimia Alvarado of Bolivia’s Tribunal Supremo Electoral said the support enhances impact. more

Empowering indigenous people in Latin America and the Caribbean

Intense calendar of activities in LAC is being developed to facilitate the regional approach to the Global Indigenous Permanent Forum to be held in New York, May 2011. more

GPECS supports South-South cooperation

GPECS facilitated the submission of an expression of interest in March by the Tribunal Supremo Electoral of Bolivia to the Institution Federal Electoral of Mexico on the development of a memorandum of understanding on bilateral electoral capacity-building more