Strategies to support the development of inclusive electoral systems and processes: addressing good governance challenges in the Asia-Pacific region

The GPECS Asia-Pacific Regional Programme will provide electoral cycle support in line with three thematic initiatives identified as priority areas for the region in order to strengthen key electoral institutions and processes, increase opportunities for participation in elections and build regional knowledge through exchanges and capacity development. The focus of these initiatives will be on:

  • Strengthening local election processes and management;
  • Supporting activities which foster inclusive participation in politics for women as candidates, voters and electoral officials;
  • Contributing to the prevention of electoral violence and conflict.

Community of Practice Meeting on Electoral Support in Asia

Asia has progressed significantly over the last 20 years, with directly elected parliaments in place in all of South Asia, and in most countries in South-East Asia. This progress has meant there has been a growing capacity among these democracies more

New Study on Electoral Violence

GPECS has contributed to the latest UNDP study "Understanding Electoral Violence in Asia" which looks at how to prevent violence in electoral processes... more

GPECS supports the status report on women's participation in Asia-Pacific

The 'Women's Representation in Local Governments in the Asia Pacific - Status Report 2010' was published and launched on International Women's Day (8 March 2011) and received region-wide media attention. more