GPECS: Arab States Region

Credibility and Integrity: Promoting regional learning and exchange between UNDP country offices and regional electoral institutions and stakeholders that enhanced credibility and integrity of electoral processes

A key area of concern of the GPECS Regional Component for Arab States is to enhance regional and national electoral participation and social accountability through the electoral cycle.  The programme will do so by fostering regional knowledge development, exchanges and partnerships between UNDP country offices, electoral institutions, and other electoral stakeholders. In addition, the regional component will examine lessons from electoral assistance projects in the region and find entry points for programming taking the electoral cycle approach and a conflict prevention perspective with special reference to conflict affected countries in the region. The regional component will focus on enhancing the participation of women, youth and other vulnerable groups.

  • Responding to the current challenges in the Arab region

    Planning a strategic course of action for UNDP in the area of electoral assistance in the Arab States region was one of the main objectives discussed at the Electoral Cycle Regional Community of Practice (CoP) meeting for the Arab States in Cairo in May 2011.more 

Paper on electoral administration and the Arab world

New transitional countries in the Arab States region are engaged in the process of developing new EMBs, and substantial requests for assistance have been received to that end. A paper was commissioned to provide some comparative and analytical elements on electoral administration in relation to the specific processes underway in the region. The paper was translated into Arabic and French and presented at the Electoral Cycle Regional Community of Practice meeting in May 2011. The paper has been so far used as a reference in Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia to support the ongoing discussions on EMB models. 

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