ACE Electoral Knowledge Network in Arabic

Since 2010 the ACE Secretariat has intensified work on the Arabic version of the network’s Web site, which is an online knowledge repository that provides comprehensive information and customized advice on electoral processes. In a progressive way, more and more content has been translated into Arabic, and today the ACE Web site offers a comprehensive set of tools to Arabic-speaking users, thus reaching new targets in the knowledge dissemination. The effect on overall users has meant that Arabic users now constitute 10% of overall ACE users, in contrast to 1% before this translation and uploading occurred. GPECS has contributed to this process, which can be expected to ultimately have a positive effect on the electoral processes in this region and be a valid resource for practitioners and international community.

The Ace Web site contains in-depth articles, global statistics and data, an encyclopaedia of elections, information on electoral assistance, observational and professional development, region- and country-specific resources, daily electoral news, an election calendar, quizzes and expert networks. The Web site is freely accessible to all, and the number of visitors is constantly growing; as of April 2011, the ACE Web site had more than 1.5 million visitors per year from 232 countries and territories.