More than 110 participants from around the world gathered at the 2011 Community of Practice (COP) meeting in Gaborone, Botswana, from 2-5 March. UNDP practitioners in the area of elections (from both the field and headquarters), external participants and current and potential partners engaged in debates, shared experiences and discussed challenges. Participants at the COP confirmed the importance of the electoral cycle approach to build capacity within the national ownership framework.In regards to South-South cooperation, much attention focused on the critical 'broker' role that UNDP can play by fostering peer-to-peer exchanges, networks and regional exchanges

Also recognized and highlighted were the capacity of GPECS to play an effective role on the ground and the programme's function within the frame of the Democratic Governance Group of UNDP's Bureau for Development Policy.

More information on the COP meeting, including some of the challenges identified, is available on teamworks.