Responding to the current challenges in the Arab region

Planning a strategic course of action for UNDP in thearea of electoral assistance in the Arab States region was one of the mainobjectives discussed at the Electoral Cycle Regional Community of Practice(CoP) meeting for the Arab States in Cairo in May 2011. more

Supporting the Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission: a new model to explore for future trainings in electoral procurement for EMBs

As part of itspost-election activities and lessons learned, the Iraqi Independent HighElectoral Commission (IHEC) had ... more

What roles are Palestinian women playing in the building of the state?

How can women voice their concerns and opinions on afuture Palestinian state and develop an agenda for actions to be taken in thecoming months? more

Improving quality and credibility through professional election observation and monitoring

UNDP recently supported efforts to improve the quality and credibility of elections in Africa through professional election observation and monitoring. Working in conjunction withthe African Union (AU) and the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) more

Workshop on Electoral Operational Planning FREETOWN 1-3 June 2011

The workshop gathered over 65 participants from 25 countries comprising most EMBs from west and central Africa and 10 participants from EMBSfrom southern Africa. more

Procuring and Using Technology in Electoral Management

The use of information and communication technologies(ICTs) can positively impact electoral management, especially in making some processes quicker and more efficient. more

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