Global Programme for Electoral Cycle Support

GPECS is a three-year global initiative to help countries improve their electoral laws, processes and institutions and enhance the participation of women in electoral processes.

The programme is made possible through a contribution from the Government of Spain, as well as the support of the Canadian International Development Agency.

GPECS seeks to enhance the credibility, transparency, effectiveness and sustainability of electoral institutions and processes, with a particular emphasis on capacity development, south-south exchanges, inclusive participation and women’s empowerment. The GPECS take an electoral cycle approach – as opposed to election day – to assistance, while seeking also to integrate electoral assistance into a wider framework of democratic governance.

Success Stories

GPECS support to indigenous comunities

Establishing the first indigenous electoral communication network in Latin America and Caribbean ...more 

Community of Practice Meeting on Electoral Support in Asia

Asia has progressed significantly over the last 20 years, with directly elected parliaments ...more 

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