How We Work

  • Improving services and accelerating MDG progress
    UNDP looks for the best ways to organize, finance and ensure equitable delivery of public services at the local level, and provides advice and expertise on decentralization policies and good governance. In Lebanon, decentralized cooperation partnerships between Lebanese and European communities are being set up by the ART GOLD project to support the national government and local communities in achieving the MDGs.
  • An enabling environment for building peace
    UNDP promotes participatory local governance and actions that are locally conceived and implemented, in order to create an enabling environment for sustainable peacebuilding. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, UNDP supports the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees and municipal governments in efforts to improve the delivery of vital services to returning refugees and displaced persons. UNDP provides the tools to articulate and implement return and reintegration projects jointly with civil society and the private sector.
  • Increasing democratic representation
    To advance local democracy, UNDP focuses on core representative councils and assemblies and the mechanisms through which people can hold their local government to account. In the Central African Republic, UNDP supports local-level efforts to increase participation in public management through the establishment of a rural radio station. The project provides local governments with the tools to manage public resources more efficiently and transparently.
  • Promoting local governance via regional programmes
    In Latin America, a number of regional programmes promote social inclusion, citizens' participation and democratization at the local level, notably PROLOGO, ART and the Local Citizen Security Initiative. In the Asia Pacific region, UNDP participates in a joint initiative with UNCDF, UNESCO and UNICEF to support national partners in articulating local and central government infrastructures for the delivery of basic social services and achieving the MDGs.
  • Promoting local level democracy in more than 100 countries
    UNDP supports decentralization processes and the development of sub-national democracy in more than 100 countries. Examples of initiatives include capacity building for local service delivery in Iraq and Macedonia, the Integrity in Local Governance project in Tanzania, encouraging local governance and social inclusion in Colombia, and the Aceh Government Transformation Programme for local governance and peacebuilding in Indonesia.