Reforming property and business systems in Albania

Reforming property and business systems in AlbaniaPhoto: UNICEF/HQ97-0695 Roger LeMoyne

Regulatory bottlenecks, unpredictable rules and a number of laws that simply do not work are forcing people and businesses in Albania to operate in what's called the "extralegal economy". That's according to a joint programme of the Government of Albania, the Institute of Liberty and Democracy (ILD) and UNDP, designed to help Albania tackle the obstacles it faces in modernizing its property and business systems.

The Programme for the Transition to the Rule of Law and an Inclusive Market Economy in Albania presented a diagnostic report of the situation to Albania's Prime Minister in 2008. The report highlights that, stuck in the shadows of the law  - the ideal environment for breeding public and private corruption - entrepreneurs have no opportunity to grow their businesses. It indicates that Albania needs less arbitrary power and favoritism among its public officials and more transparency in its rules and procedures. Above all, it stated ordinary people have to know the rules of the game. Having completed the diagnostic phase, the programme is focusing on setting out policy recommendations for reforms that will allow the Albanian economy to grow more quickly and continuously.