How We Work


  • EC-UNDP Partnership on Electoral Assistance
    The electoral assistance partnership between the European Commission and UNDP has grown, from its initial collaboration in 1995, into a comprehensive resource for electoral assistance. This partnership aims to support national leadership and strengthen electoral management capacities based on partner countries’ national strategies, institutions and procedures and to strengthen linkages between electoral support and assistance to broader democratic development. It also promotes donor coordination, and contributes to a division of labour between donors and partner countries in the electoral assistance field in order to avoid duplication of efforts. The EC-UNDP partnership includes a joint task force, knowledge sharing through training, conferences, workshops and e-learning opportunities, election materials and services, and publications such as the EC-UNDP Guidelines.
  • Building capacity of elections professionals: BRIDGE
    BRIDGE stands for Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections. It is a modular professional development program with a particular focus on electoral processes. BRIDGE represents a unique initiative where five leading organizations in the democracy and governance field, including UNDP, have jointly committed to developing, implementing and maintaining the most comprehensive curriculum and workshop package available, designed to be used as a tool within a broader capacity development framework.
  • Sharing electoral information: ACE
    The ACE Electoral Knowledge Network is a portal to the world of elections, promoting credible and transparent electoral processes, with emphasis on sustainability, professionalism and trust in the electoral process, and offers a wide range of services related to electoral knowledge sharing and networking. The ACE website is an online knowledge repository that provides comprehensive information and customized advice on electoral processes – such as the world´s largest free online encyclopedia of electoral information, in-depth articles, information on electoral assistance, observation and professional development – and hosts a dynamic practitioner’s network. ACE is a collaborative effort between nine organizations and UNDP, as an active member of ACE, contributes an assortment of research, funding, expertise and advice pertinent to the collection and dissemination of electoral-related information.
  • Improving programming: The Online Toolkit for Electoral Assistance
    The Online Toolkit for Electoral Assistance is designed to guide UNDP colleagues, and other electoral practitioners, at different stages of electoral cycle projects. Its aim is to help plan, design and implement electoral assistance projects in an effective and coherent manner. The Toolkit explains the core concepts at each stage, the procedures to be followed and provides links to useful tools that are available both within and beyond UNDP. This online resource is regularly updated with best practices and links, keeping up with UNDP’s practice of sharing knowledge from around the world.
  • Cost of registration and elections: The CORE Project
    Election administration processes must compete for government funds with other vital and high-priority public goods and services. The Cost of Registration and Elections (CORE) Project looked at all forms of election-related costs and funding sources. The CORE Project was a global research project exclusively devoted to the budget and cost of election management bodies. See the report Getting to the CORE by IFES and UNDP.