Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund

In 2001, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) established the Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund (DGTTF) which is the primary mechanism through which donor partners channel non-core contributions to UNDP’s activities on democratic governance. The main function of this funding mechanism is to provide country offices with discretionary funds to explore innovative approaches in democratic governance in politically sensitive environments and within the areas of inclusive participation, responsive institutions or international principles.

In response to country demand and in alignment with the UNDP Strategic Plan Outcomes in the context of democratic governance, the DGTTF has approved since its inception, approximately USD 113 million across 750 country projects through the annual competitive call for proposals to UNDP Country Offices. Through strong support to projects in LDCs, and in particular through the call for proposals for the 2010 and 2011 tranches which placed priority on projects with a focus on MDG acceleration, the DGTTF has helped position UNDP at the forefront of strengthening the links among democratic governance, poverty reduction and achievement of the MDGs.

The results of the 2007/2008 independent evaluation indicated that the DGTTF has been successful as a “venture capital fund”, promoting innovation in an area of development where it is both extremely important to make progress and notoriously hard to do so. The evaluation confirmed that successful innovations have led to major programmes of reform and capacity-building, supported not only with UNDP core funding but even more often by other donors and the governments concerned, thus reinforcing DGTTF’s role in fostering strategic partnerships and facilitating mobilization of additional resources in democratic governance (“Executive Summary, Evaluation of the DGTTF”, p.7). The DGTTF has actively responded to key recommendations of the evaluation, including the development and implementation of a Lesson Learned Series whose purpose is to continuously assess the level of innovation, catalytic effect and success of DGTTF projects, and to feed and share experiences into UNDP policy and programming at national, regional and global levels.

Country projects remain the principle area of activities funded by the DGTTF. Towards this principle investment, the DGTTF also funds regional and global initiatives -via via UNDP Regional Service Centres, the UNDP Oslo Governance Centre and UNDP/HQ Thematic Clusters - that support country projects in terms of policy guidance, strategic programming, oversight and monitoring, learning, analysis and knowledge sharing, etc.

Democratic Governance Group Annual Report 2012
Annual Report 2012

This report elaborates on the work of the Democratic Governance Group in assisting countries to strengthen their democratic governance practices, pursue innovations -especially through exchanges among countries - and broaden space for participation and dialogue to define collective national priorities.

Lessons from the DGTTF
Local Governance in Complex Situations

In partnership with the Regional Centre in Cairo, the Democratic Governance Group through its Oslo Governance Centre published four assessments of Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund (DGTTF) — funded projects on local governance in complex environments. These Lessons Learned Series reports are based on experiences from Iraq, Lebanon, Southern Sudan and the Occupied Palestinian territories

Asia Pacific Rights and Justice Initiative Assessments

In Partnership with the Regional Center in Bangkok, the Democratic Governance Group through its Oslo Governance Centre published a series of assessments and findings of the Asia-Pacific Rights and Justice Initiative (AP-A2J) conducted over April and May 2009. The Asia-Pacific Rights and Justice Initiative Assessments reports include: Access to Justice in Asia and the Pacific: A Comparative Experience Note; Regional Assessment; and country assessments of Cambodia; India; Indonesia; Mongolia: Integrity in the Health Sector and Sri Lanka.

DGTTF Annual Reports
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DGTTF Project Assessments

The assessments below cover 2006-2009 DGTTF projects across several democratic governance thematic areas as follows:

e-Governance for Public Administration Reform: Cape Verde and Niger 

Anti Corruption: Mali

Citizen Security: Nicaragua and Uruguay

Local Governance and Decentralisation: FYR Macedonia; Tajikistan; and Ukraine

Governance Assessments: China, Montenegro, and Paraguay

DGTTF Evaluation